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          Stainless steel ice storage tank

          Products > Stainless steel ice storage tank > Stainless steel ice storage tank

          Stainless steel ice storage tank

          2022-11-21Equipment characteristics

          Stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, long service life;

          It can be manufactured on site or in factory according to site conditions and tank size;

          Modular production, saving construction period;

          The reinforcing rib is combined with the lacing rib to ensure the strength of the tank strength.;

          The thermal insulation thickness is not less than 100mm. A variety of anti-cold bridge processes are adopted ensure good thermal insulation and no condensation during use

          Other instructions.

          Other instructions

           1、GHCS can provide Customized products according to the site dimensions. 

           2、GHCS reserves the right to change product design and parameters without prior notice.