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          About GHCS

          About GHCS



                 Founded in 2001, Beijing GHCS is a professional manufacturer of efficient ice storage products, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Leading the industry in terms of production scale and capacity. GHCS has won a number of patents and intellectual property rights of ice storage products, is a national high-tech enterprise, and has won the award of "National Science and Technology Innovation Fund" for many times.

          First class R&D team and advanced equipment


                   First class R&D team and advanced equipment is always the source of GHCS's sustainable development. At present, the company has a variety of automatic CNC production equipment, detection means and a strong R&D team, which enable our products to always innovate in the development of technology in the same industry, Satisfy customer needs while maintaining brand integrity, preciseness and high quality.

          Advanced laboratory


                   GHCS has adopted advanced production technology and inspection equipment. The factory has built a standard ice storage experimental workshop and a corrosion resistant laboratory, which ensures the excellent performance and quality of efficient ice storage products. Every detail from raw materials to finished products has been strictly controlled, and every ice storage product embodies our spirit of unlimited exploration and excellence.

          Professional products and solutions


                 In the ice storage industry, the continuous technological innovation, comprehensive and considerate service and professional technical support of GHCS provide customers in different fields across the country with technical innovation, professional design and efficient ice storage and solutions, and provide customers with efficient and energy-saving ice storage systems. GHCS will continue to serve the ice storage market with a new attitude!

          GHCS production base

          GHCS production base

          The new factory of GHCS in Dezhou covers an area of more than 40000 square meters, and the workshop of ice coil is more than 20000 square meters. The factory has 5 professional production lines for stainless steel ice-coil, 1 professional production line for galvanized steel ice-coil and 1 production line for HDPE ice-coil. Stainless steel ice-coil production line can produce any pipe diameter between 16mm to φ 26.67mm without transverse joint. GHCS Dezhou Factory currently has 3 ice-coil production workshops, an ice storage laboratory and a corrosion resistance laboratory, and its production scale, production capacity and testing measures are leading in the ice storage industry.

          GHCS adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity oriented, continuous progress, scientific and technological innovation, and high-quality service", and adheres to the principle of "user centered, quality fundamental" to serve every customer.

          GHCS has passed ISO9001 and other series of system certification, and has independent intellectual property rights in the field of ice storage and a number of patented technologies for ice storage products that are independently developed and technologically leading; It has been awarded as a national high-tech enterprise and has won many awards from the Science and Technology Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China; Due to the high quality development demand of the market, GHCS continuously provides efficient ice storage and cooling products and system services for the market. GHCS looks forward to your on-site inspection and guidance!